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Pico Pica Hot Sauce!

I heartily recommend this product and/or service.

Category: Recommendations

Jim Westmoreland

A name popped into my head today. It was a guy I knew back in my Air Force days. I did a search and the only thing I found was his obituary...

Go there...

Category: Memories

Game Face

This bitch is hard. Don't mess with her.

Category: Dog

The Goatee...

...is officially passé. Chuck Todd has finally grown out the rest of his beard.

I went to my barber a few weeks ago and said, "Young man, give me the George Clooney"...and I'll be damned if he didn't give me the Chuck Todd.

Category: Opinion

Ha, ha!

Isn't quite what you were expecting, is it?

Category: Assumption, Irony


Test entry from mobi via FTP

Category: Test, delete