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Jim Westmoreland

A name popped into my head today. It was a guy I knew back in my Air Force days. I did a search and the only thing I found was his obituary.

Ahh, Wes... rest in peace, buddy. I met Jim, aka Wes, when we were stationed in Las Vegas at Nellis AFB. I had just got out of tech school and he just got back from Thailand... him and Hancock and Ski, among others. Those guys gave me an education, shall we say.

Wes was a character. He looked like an Irish pugilist the day after a fight. His voice was...not gravelly, but like small, smooth river rocks tumbling over each other. He was one of those people you just liked hanging around with because he was funny and opinionated, and never put you off.

Thanks, Wes.  Smoke one for me.

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Game Face

This bitch is hard. Don't mess with her.

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The Goatee...

...is officially passé. Chuck Todd has finally grown out the rest of his beard.

I went into my barber a few weeks ago and said, "Young man, give me the George Clooney"...and I'll be damned if he didn't give me the Chuck Todd.

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Ha, ha!

Isn't quite what you were expecting, is it?

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Test entry from mobi via FTP

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